Warren Diesel Injection LLC Schaeffer's Diesel Treat 2000

Diesel Treat 2000™ 

Diesel Treat 2000™ Ultra Low Sulfur is an ashless, all-season fuel additive formulated for use with all types of diesel fuel, especially low sulfur and ultra low sulfur diesel fuels. 

Diesel Treat 2000™ contains a highly concentrated, multi-functional additive system to improve fuel economy, injector cleanliness and fuel stability and to optimize performance. Diesel Treat 2000™ contains a non-alcohol jet fuel deicer/water dispersant to remove moisture present in the fuel and prevent the formation of stable-fuel-water emulsions. Further blended into Diesel Treat 2000™ is our proprietary lubricity additive, SynShield®, which prevents fuel system wear and injector scoring for longer component life.

Diesel Treat 2000™ meets cleanup and keep clean performance as shown by the Peugeot DW10 Injector Depositing Test throughout the entire fuel system. Diesel Treat 2000™ is registered and meets US EPA requirements for blending into low sulfur diesel fuels. Contains less than 15PPM sulfur.

16 Oz can treats 125 Gallons

Using a fuel system cleaner can help:

  • Maximize Fuel Economy
  • Fight Rust & Corrosion
  • Reduce Friction & Wear
  • Improve Horsepower and Performance
  • Fix Hard Starts
  • Extend Engine Life