Warren Diesel Injection LLC 2011-2014 FORD 6.7L FUEL CONTAMINATION KIT 67FD1114KIT


This kit is a complete repair solution for the Ford Powerstroke 6.7L Engine with CP4 fuel pump failure, DEF contamination, or water-in-fuel contamination. This kit uses Genuine OEM components, identical to what you would receive if you purchased it from a Ford dealership. Simply flushing the fuel system is inadequate, and could lead to residual contaminants in your fuel system.  Contamination is the number one cause of repeat injector failure. Replacing all of the fuel system components is the only way to prevent recurring contamination issues.


Kit Includes:

  • Includes all parts shown to provide a complete service solution related for pump failures or urea contamination. Services the Ford 6.7L 2011-2014 model years.
  • Injector and CP4 cores required.