KC Turbo 6.0 Powerstroke Stage 2R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo


Are you ready for the for the fastest spooling, most powerful stage 2 turbo on the market?  We have spent years developing and testing our new KC stage 2r turbo and it is finally for sale on the open market.

This is a real game changer for the 6.0 world.  A dual ball bearing stage 2 vgt turbo that is a 100% drop in application and is guaranteed to spool faster and make more power than any other stage 2 turbo on the market.

This turbo works great on stock injectors, but is capable of 600-650hp with larger injectors and supporting mods.  It has great street manners and will make your truck feel lighter and more fun to drive.  We highly recommend 190/30 injectors to pair with this turbo.

The stage 2r is also great for towing in any application.  You really can have your cake and eat it too with this turbo.

NOTE:  We build our stage 2 turbos from 2003 cores.  These come with the better turbine wheel, better vanes, and will bolt on ANY YEAR.  Some years you will only run 2 mounting bolts instead of 3.